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Only authorised repairers

Quality should never be a concern. Carfixer only works together with certified bodyshops. All our partners comply with the strictest quality standards. You choose the most advantageous offer!

Free without risks

Using Carfixer is completely free of charge and without obligation. When you make an appointment via the platform, we always guarantee a 2-year warranty on the repair.

Fast and transparent

At Carfixer, we don't like to wait, so why should you do that? You don't get any surprises either; you can compare everything.

Your satisfaction is our priority

At Carfixer we strive for the highest customer satisfaction. We are always there for you, even after a repair. Our users give our service an average of 4.9 out of 5!

Why price differences of up to 50%?

Take advantage of fluctuations in workshop workloads. All workshops have calmer moments from time to time, it is at these moments that the game of supply and demand does its work. A workshop that has a place in its agenda will want to fill it up as soon as possible by offering an unbeatable price and you will benefit from it. Don't worry! All our repairers are reliable partners selected for their quality and professionalism.

How does Carfixer work?

1. Take pictures

Use your smartphone or digital camera to take clear photos. The clearer the photos, the better the quotations. Upload them here.

2. Compare quotes

Price, location, extra service, reviews,... You compare different repairers without coming out of your seat. Need advice when comparing? We are always there for you!

3. Choose & repair

Quote chosen? Simply make your appointment online and have your car repaired. Rate the service and repair afterwards!