How does Carfixer work?

1. Take pictures

Use your smartphone or digital camera to take clear photos. The clearer the photos, the better the quotations.

2. Compare quotes

Price, location, extra service, reviews,... You compare different repairers without coming out of your seat. Need advice when comparing? We are always there for you!

3. Choose & repair

Quote chosen? Simply make your appointment online and have your car repaired. Rate the service and repair afterwards!

How do I get the best offers?

In order to guarantee that you always receive the best price offers, we ask you to provide photos of the damage. Photos are necessary for the repairers to make a competitive offer - and that is of course to your advantage! Don't have photos at hand immediately? No problem - you can always add them later. So you can immediately request quotations, where and when you want. In 1-2-3 we will guide you through a few simple steps. You will receive your offers within 24 hours!

How do I take good photos?

A photo at 3 m distance

Take a first picture of the damage at a distance of about 2 to 3 meters so that the repairers can determine the location of the damage.

A photo at 1.5 m distance

Take a second picture of the damage at a distance of about 1.5 m. The repairers can then determine the type of damage and choose the repair method.

A photo at 0.5 m distance

Take at least a third photo at a distance of about 0.5 m. Clear detail photos are necessary to determine the extent of the repair.

What can I expect?

The cheapest prices and the best service! Thanks to the strong commercial position of Carfixer with the repairers, you always enjoy nice offers. You will receive a maximum of 3 price quotations, drawn up by authorised repairers in your area. You can compare these quotes on up to 9 different points, including price, location, duration of the repair, warranty period... and more! Can you use some advice when making your choice? We are always ready to help you by phone.

Is my phone number/e-mail visible to repairers?

The use of Carfixer is completely anonymous. Your contact details will not be forwarded in any way to the bodyshops - they will only see the pictures and the description. Only when you select a quote and make an appointment will contact details be exchanged and you will receive the details of the body shop. This way we guarantee a smooth cooperation between all parties!

Most common damages

All Carfixer bodyshops are master of all types of repairs, from small tin or bump damage to very serious accidental damage. However, using Carfixer brings the best result with these most common damages.

Our promises - Your benefits

Only authorised repairers

Quality should never be a concern. Carfixer only works together with certified bodyshops. All our partners comply with the strictest quality standards. You choose the most advantageous offer!

Free without risks

Using Carfixer is completely free of charge and without obligation. When you make an appointment via the platform, we always guarantee a 2-year warranty on the repair.

Fast and transparent

At Carfixer, we don't like to wait, so why should you do that? You don't get any surprises either; you can compare everything.

Your satisfaction is our priority

At Carfixer we strive for the highest customer satisfaction. We are always there for you, even after a repair. Our users give our service an average of 4.9 out of 5!

Car damaged? Always the best price!

Quick and easy quotes comparison. Price differences up to 30%

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